Given Free Rein is a trio hailing from Greece and delivering very dynamic sound. They have released their debut album “In-Ear Trip,” after years of working hard on it. This is a very vivacious album with many joyful elements in it. It is one of those “morning coffee” albums. It knows the ways of how to discharge you and bring you real joy with its energetic tunes.

“In-Ear Trip” includes ten songs. All the way from the opening “Magnetic Fields” down to the closing “Vein of Light,” “In-Ear Trip” never stops being heady. Every song on the album is constructed in the same way. Placing this record under a genre is a double-edged sword, but the music is most of time alternative / punk rock with progressive and classic rock influences. And since we are talking about influences, the music of Given Free Rein recalls likes such A Perfect Circle, Soundgarden, Tool. But there is more than that. The band transcends into the territory of the ‘70s vintage rock. So it can be said “In-Ear Trip” is a great harvest of modern and classic.

Overall, Given Free Rein’s “In-Ear Trip” is a very effective, powerful and tasty album comprised of great vocals arrangements, intricate guitar work and strong structure. It goes to the category of “must listen to” albums released in 2016.

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