E.P album “February”out on April the 12th 2024 on all digital music stores.

Andrew Kouretas, greek music producer and composer, while in the small town of Amfissa in 2023 experiencing the dark depressive ambience of the greek countryside, uses this ambience as music fuel and composes in five days from February 15th to 19th 2023, five electronic music tracks for his project Given Free Rein. Each of these five tracks has the name of the day of its composition. In the EP “February” Andrew Kouretas wants to depict without second thoughts and extra analysis the mood of each day. This resulted in the creation of 5 tracks of EDM instrumental music, each of these having a different vibe but all of them being a part of the dark music ambience of month February.

The first music single 16.2 (Kinissi) was released on 16.2.2024 and the second 17.2 (Psyche) on 29.3.2024 on Spotify and all digital music stores, exactly one year after their production. In this album Andrew Kouretas challenges the borders among EDM, dark electronic, trance, progressive house, techno and ambient rock music and creates uptempo and dark music ambience.

The mixing and the mastering of the EP album took place in Parallel Studios, London UK by George Papadopoulos (Chemical Brothers, James Blunt, Billy Joel, Pet Shop Boys).

Artwork by Drunk Design and Kostas Papadopoulos.

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